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Spectrum Vision Partners Updates Care Options in Response to COVID-19

Posted on October 3, 2022

By: Spectrum Vision Partners

Garden City, NY — Spectrum Vision Partners (SVP) announced today that it continues to monitor the progression of the coronavirus outbreak, modifying its services to doctors as necessary. In conjunction with our physician leaders across the four states we serve and following the advice of federal and state governments to minimize the serious health risks to patients, employees, and local communities, SVP worked to stage down operations and provide essential care out of a limited number of clinic offices, effective March 18th. Prior to this date, SVP affiliated ambulatory surgery centers also stopped all non-emergency surgeries in advance of CDC and medical society recommendations. SVP will continue to work with its affiliated physician leaders to adhere to CDC, local government and our national eyecare organization guidelines regarding when to reschedule these surgeries and re-open safely.

On March 16, SVP supported the designation and operations of several regional emergency care centers throughout NY, CT, NJ and PA. These centers remain open to provide retinal, neuro, glaucoma, cornea and oculoplastic care for vision-threatening and other eyecare emergencies. Affiliated licensed eye care doctors personally triage patients to determine which require immediate medical attention.

For immediate, but less urgent eyecare concerns, patients can request virtual examinations, which can be conducted from the safety of the patients home.

For those patients requiring in-clinic care, the SVP affiliated clinical entities have taken the following safety precautions:

  • Only a limited number of centers remain open within each region
  • All staff and patients undergo a health assessment at the start of the shift or when they arrive for their appointment.
  • All patients must wear masks while visiting a clinic
  • Patient companions are asked to wait outside the clinic to enable proper social distancing
  • Offices are following recommended cleaning and sanitizing protocols throughout the day
  • Personal protective equipment is used by all staff serving the public

Tom Burke, SVPs CEO explains, “Strategically staging down operations into regional emergency care centers and allowing our employees and patients to practice the recommended social-distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and support the wellbeing of the community. Although this is far from business as usual, we will continue to do everything possible to provide for our patients safety and their immediate vision care needs during this unprecedented and challenging time.”

SVP will continue to monitor the situation as directed by our local government and the national societies our doctors collaborate with until all clinics are fully operational. “For now, our priority continues to be the safety and wellbeing of our employees, their families, and the patients who depend on the emergency eye care our affiliated clinics provide,” remarks Burke. “We look forward to supporting a return to a full range of patient care as soon as we can safely do so. Until then, we will keep everyone informed as the situation progresses.”

About Spectrum Vision Partners

Spectrum Vision Partners ( is a leading management services organization, serving the ophthalmology sector. Spectrum Vision Partners has nearly 800 employees, providing world-class practice management solutions to a network of nationally renowned, multi-specialty ophthalmologists in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania region. The Spectrum portfolio consists of 28 clinic locations and 3 State Licensed Ambulatory Centers, with 80 surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals. Spectrum Vision Partners provides a comprehensive set of business support functions, including billing and collections, credential services, marketing support, physician recruitment support, ASC development, financial and accounting services, benefits and payroll management, and information technology. The companys corporate service center is located at 825 East Gate Boulevard, Suite 111, Garden City, NY 11530.

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