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Nancy Fairbrother

Nancy Fairbrother

Chief Growth Officer

Nancy Fairbrother is the Chief Growth Officer at Spectrum Vision Partners. Ms. Fairbrother has worked with OCLI for almost 20 years with a focus on marketing, integrations, and special projects. As a long-term member of the ophthalmic community, she is often called upon to share her expertise on behalf of numerous ophthalmic industry companies such as Allergan, Johnson & Johnson Vision and NextGen, as well as being asked to participate in various ophthalmic industry focus groups.

Ms. Fairbrother provides oversight and support of our Marketing, Call Center and Outreach department leadership and activities for Spectrum Vision Partners. She will also provide oversight and guidance to the Director of Implementation for our new partners. Ms. Fairbrother serves as a key administrative conduit, taking guidance from and providing recommendations to the Physician Practice Clinical Governance Boards and the Spectrum Vision Partners Board of Directors to assist in the development and implementation of approved action plans.

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